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PL - 05-092 LOMIANKI
30 Raclawicka str.

telephone-exchange:+48 (22) 751 52 00
secretariat:751 52 01
 +48 (22) 751-33-28
trading department:751 52 02
service and legalization department:751 52 04
fax:751 52 05

You are very welcome on the WebPages of the AQUATHERM PPH sp. j. company. We have the pleasure to present you our company as well as capabilities of co-operation in the subjects of delivery of measuring devices, installation and repair services in the range of district and central heating water.

Our company has been actively acting on the district and central heating water market for 29 years.

The AQUATHERM PPH sp. j. (Manufacturing and Trading Private Company) was established in 1990 and is specialised in the trade and manufacturing of the water meters, heat meters for water, heat meters volume-measuring sensors and pairs of temperature sensors for heat meters.

The company is leading the metrological and technical services of above mentioned devices.

AQUATHERM PPH sp. j. as the first one has introduced on the Polish market revolutionary modern, for that time, electronic SUPERCAL 430 heat meter made in microprocessor technology.

At the next stages of development were introduced on the market: remote data read-out system for the heat meters (by radio or M-BUS data line) and complex software for supervision and heat consumption costs calculations for each end-user (monitoring, billing etc.)

To fulfil the developing requirements new types of heat meters are designed, manufactured and introduced on the market. New meters are directed to the different groups of end-users; the compact heat meters for measuring central heat consumption for each flat in apartment buildings as well as in the offices. Parallel there are manufactured compound heat meters equipped with different types of flow sensors: turbine, ultrasonic, magneto-inductive, superstatic.

To assure perfect, professional metrological and technical services for the products, the specialised metrological laboratory testing stands were designed and made by AQUATHERM PPH sp. j. engineers, approved by the Main Office of Measure (GUM). Each piece of manufactured product is passing metrological tests there, such as: heat meters, electronic integrators, volume measuring devices, water meters, pairs of temperature sensors.

Selected and checked (by GUM) groups of heat meters testing stands were approved as "Legalization Point" as one of the firsts in Poland according to the President of GUM decision.

Development of the market and demand of our co-operating dealers and installation firms in Poland and abroad pushed us to enlarge our trade offer for the new products manufactured by well known manufacturers as: POWOGAZ S. A. from Poland, HYDROMETER GmbH from Germany, VICARB - Cetetherm S. A. (earlier Vicarb - Uranus S. A.) and BAXI - CHAPPEE from France and COMAP Polska.

In the range of our activity we offer to the client a complex realization of the technical projects containing design, equipment deliveries as well as its installation and start up. In co-operation with well checked subcontractors were realized: the new and modernization of old water heating points and boiler rooms.

Based on the own investor company ANTAP Grup Ltd., the modern office building with the production - warehouse unit was built in υmianki. Since October 1999 the location makes up the center of activity of the firms, assuring the easy approach (close to road direction Warszawa - Gda雟k), comfort and efficiency of our clients' service. To fulfil requirements of incoming regulations (implementing obligatory legalization for heat meters) the Center of Measurement and Legalization the Heat Maters was created, in structure of the firm. The Center as one of the few metrology laboratories in Poland is doing complex metrological investigations of heat meters on special testing stands - approved by GUM. The investigations refer to metrological and legalization tests of heat meters and its components (pairs of temperature sensors, flow sensors, integrators and water-meters) of different manufacturers being in use on the Polish market. The professional technical personnel guarantee quick and effective service (warranty and post-warranty) of water and heat meters. The fact of possitive results of metrological tests for each measured devices is confirmed by legalize sealings fixed on it.

To consolidate the company position on the national and foreign markets the Group is leading active marketing, traditionally participates in trade exhibitions in Poland and abroad as well as developing trade and service net by tightening co-operation with local partners or creating own representatives or companies in Kiev and Charkov (Ukraine).

The superior aim of Group is permanent endeavour of increasing the quality of products and services and to ensure the feelings of safety in co-operation to the present and the future partners.

We invite in aim of obtainment of detailed information on side

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